Wethecenter was created for the single purpose of providing a forum for rational discourse about current issues.  It is founded on two observations.  The first is that the present arena of political discussion is given over almost entirely to rhetoric, in which the driving force is not reason but propoganda.  In such discourse, the truth becomes irrelevant, and the only value is to persuade the reader or listener to accept some course of action, usually the support of one or the other candidate.  The second is that, in this propogandistic atmosphere, labels like “conservative” and “liberal” have completely lost any meaning they might have had and are therefore completely useless and will not be used in this site.

These two observations have resulted in the two rules that will be followed in posting blogs and allowing comments.  The first is that all comments made in this blog must be centered on reasoned discourse about the substance of issues of concern in today’s world.  All blogs entered in this site will be reasoned analyses and suggestions regarding existing problems and possible solutions to those problems.  The second is that, since the terms “conservative”, “liberal” and the like have been rendered meaningless, they will not be used in the blogs found here, and the only measure of a blog’s value will be the reasonableness of the analyses and suggested solutions.

Wethecenter invites reasoned comment on the blogs entered here, and asks only that the two rules listed above be honored.  Wethecenter reserves the right to remove any comments that violate these two rules.

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