It is interesting to watch the many conservative pundits repeat over and over that Trump will not be the Republican candidate for president, as, over and over, Trump’s poll numbers keep him in a double-digit lead across the nation.  It says here that they brought it on themselves.


For years now, maybe even decades, the Republican political strategy has been to insist that its constituency refrain from thinking.  Remember when Donald Rumsfield was asked about the problems with the invasion of Iraq and he said we should be more worried about the world series?  Remember when the Republican party sent people out to disrupt discussions on Obamacare and told them to make sure that they prevent rational discussion?  Ever notice that, when they once again reject a suggestion from the president, all the objectors use exactly the same language?  The whole fabric of Republican approach is to put aside reason and march around shouting slogans.  “Obama is coming for your guns!”  “Welfare is for freeloaders!”  Blah, blah, blah.  Don’t think; shout.


Well, now they have a candidate who is simply living by their rules.  Trump is a master at making big, bold statements, completely devoid of either content or reason, but absolutely wonderful as a slogan.  “Make the military really, really, really strong.”  “No more illegal immigrants.”  “Everyone will have a job.”  He has even put phrases, magic words, out to signal that he is going to make one of these vacuous pronouncements.  Any time you hear him says, “Believe me,” or “Trust me,” or “No doubt,” or “To be fair,” you will know that he has laid down another inane, or impossible, campaign slogan.


All of these slogans are easily refutable by rational discussion, but the Republicans have opposed rational discussion for so long that they can only respond by either coming up with one of their own or denouncing Trump’s with an equally inane pronouncement.  The party of No has become the party of reasonless No, so all it can say in response is:  No.


Trump may very well win the Republican nomination.  He may also be undercut at the convention by devious maneuvering.  If the Republicans pull that, Trump would have every right, and he would no doubt have every inclination, to run on his own.  No matter what happens, the upside will be that the policy of irrational commitment will be dealt a death blow.  And that, my dear reader, is the best possible outcome.  There is a place, and there is a hugely critical need, for the voice, the reasoned and thoughtful and prudent voice, of rational conservatism in America.  That voice has been shouted down by its own people for so long that it is in danger of dying out.  That voice will save this nation from revolution against the fascistic tyranny of the shouters.  That battle does not look good at the moment.  All the rational conservatives who are running for the Republican nomination are on the low end of the polls.  Let us pray their time will come.  In the meantime, listen for Trump’s magic words.  Works every time.




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