It is the eve of Thanksgiving Day, 2015, and I would like to add my little thanks for all of the blessings I have received.

I am deeply thankful for the wife I have been privileged to live with for lo these many years.  I am equally thankful for the three incredible women with whom we so enjoyably shared their childhood and now so enjoyably share their accomplishments.


I am grateful for all the worldly goods that fill my life — a wonderful home and an inexhaustible supply of books and food in abundance and entertainment aplenty.


I am grateful for those who inundate me with thoughtful observations and drive me constantly to find the real meaning deep down things.


I am grateful for a country that still holds on to the fundamental ideals of the equality and inherent rights of all human beings.


I am grateful for the example of all those who stand up to the oppression of power, whether military or political or financial.


I am grateful that there are people in the world who have needs about which I can do a little something, and I am grateful for the meaning they give to my life by allowing me to do it..


I am grateful, if sadly so, that I live in a world relatively untouched by hatred and violence and poverty and oppression.


I am, in the end, grateful that I still have time to do whatever I can and should to help the world turn away from that hatred and violence and oppression, that I still have a chance to give all those others in my life the ability to also be grateful.


And to all of you, who have given me so much, I give you thanks.
























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